Monday, March 1, 2010

Surgery Is Off

Unfortunately, the Temodar/Iriniotecan treatment did not work. In fact, the tumor slightly grew again. Combined with the fact it grew in a place close to major vessels that supply the heart with blood, the surgeons feel that surgery isn't possible at this time. Until it shrinks in size, they wouldn't be able to remove all of it. And with the long recovery time, that would just allow what was left of the tumor to grow once more.

So it's another round of chemo. We are going to back to one of the VAC drugs, Cyclophosphamide, and a new one called Topotecan. Hopefully, these will restart the shrinkage of the tumor. And we are now discussing radiation treatment as well.

This is very disappointing to say the least. But Elle is still unflappable in her attitude and that helps quite a bit.

One other thing; if you can, pray for her. And ask your friends to do the same. I think that the power of prayer and positive thoughts is always something worth tapping into.


Mary said...

Elle and your family are in my prayers each and every day. I have faith that you will all get through this and be stronger for it. Elle is sure one strong willed little girl.
God Bless.
Mary LeVasseur

Julia said...

Holding you all in my prayers. Julia

Anonymous said...

Sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way.


Anonymous said...

Elle, you are always in our prayers and thoughts- we love you and hope you keep that precious little spirit up and continue to fight this fight... You are such a brave little girl- we miss you-

The Paul Family

Anonymous said...

We are adding Elle to our church's prayer list as we speak! Please keep the faith!! You are allin our hearts and prayers!!

Erik, Paulien, Midas en Lieve said...

Dear Elle,

Our son (5) has (had) RMS in his stomach , that's how we "found" you and your blog. Since that day, we follow you with great interest and really hope you will beat the cancer soon.

Our son is in complete remission since December 2009 (thank God) and we hope you will soon to. Keep the faith. IT IS POSSIBLE!

Grts from The Netherlands

Unknown said...


You amaze me every day. I love you with all of my heart and am in awe of your uplifting spirit. I miss you and your family so much.You are in my heart and thoughts my little fighter.

Love you always,

Missy said...

Elle, you are in our prayers, we check on your progress constantly. We have great faith that your strength will truimph over this.
Love the Pennells

Jeff said...

Prayers, energy, positive thoughts...whatever you want, you got it.

Hang in there.

Mama H said...

Dear Lord, thank you for this day. I thank you for the sunshine and I thank you for Elle's positive attitude. I thank you for her parents and I thank you for the many people who continue to check in on this family, Lord. Only you can see the big picture, Lord. Help this family to trust you through their trials and lean on you for understanding.

Lord, please lay your healing hands on Elle. Please help her to overcome this battle with cancer. We trust You and Your timing and we know that You have an amazing plan for Elle and her family. Please Lord, help ease Elle's pain and any discomfort that she might be feeling.

I ask that you please uplift Elle's family. As outsiders to their situation, we can only imagine what they are dealing with on a daily basis. Please help them to not be afraid and to embrace every moment that they are given with their baby girl.

Thank you for giving us the strength that we need exactly when we need it. I pray that many people would come to know You, Lord, through all of this. I pray that someone along Elle's path would choose to lean on You for their understanding rather than trying to lean on their own understanding of this all.

I thank you again for Elle and her family and I pray that you would continue to encourage them each and everyday. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Philippians 4:13~ I can do all things through him who gives me strenth.

~Mama H

Suldog said...

Rest assured that prayers have been said, and are being said, in Jesus' good name.

The Mommarazzi said...

I have sent a request out to my friends and family for Elle to be added to all prayer lists. I completely agree that the power of prayer and positive thinking is totally worth tapping into! I think of you every day Elle and I know you will beat this! Love, Sandy (and Laina) xoxoxo

Michelle H. said...

You have many prayers from me.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip said...

Add me to the list of those who are praying as well.

Unknown said...

Hi all,

I am going to do a cancer walk on May 2nd here in MA. It will be in honor of Elle, I'll post donation info later if anyone might be interested.


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