Saturday, October 2, 2010


Elle just got her latest scans back. The growth of the tumor had stopped everywhere...except for one new part that grew up along the height of her lung.

It's so damned frustrating to see something work once and then take a step back the next. Especially when Elle is still fighting and has energy and isn't giving in.

But if there is an upside, it is that we may (finally!) get to do radiation treatment. We've been pushing for this for months and it looks like we may finally get it. And the idea of embolizing the tumor where possible is also going forward. And we are still going to do the chemo.

In happier news, Elle likes Kindergarten quite a bit! She has been going for about a month now and really enjoys all the art they get to do. She takes it easy and has to rest now and again, but she has fun. Elle is still doing dance as well. And if there is a five-year-old girl already looking forward to Christmas more than her, I'd be shocked.

Please keep Elle in your prayers. And keep your fingers crossed that these next measures get us back on track.


Sara said...

Thanks for the update. We are keeping your whole family in our hearts and prayers.

Unknown said...

I love you all, and am sending my positive thoughts. Elle is strong and she is feisty. I believe in her


John Bailee said...

Don loose your hopes Elle!! Angels are eternal. Keep smiling. We pray for you from hearts.

Ellen M Hordon-Dugas said...

I did not know her. I am a high school friend of Cathy Blimberg. But she shared your and Elle's story with me and I was touched to my core. The news today is devastating. I cannot give you comfort, there is none today.
But know this. Your daughter spread love far beyond her borders. Far beyond your family. I will always carry her image in my minds eye, and heart.

Ellen Hordon-Dugas
Melrose MA