Sunday, July 5, 2009

No Hospital On Monday

Elle won't be going into the hospital tomorrow to start her doxorubicin/cisplatin round of chemo. Her white cell count was just a little too low so they want to give her another day or two to build it up before her next round. So it looks like she will be admitted on Tuesday.

Not that you would know her white cell count was down. Elle went with Davey and their cousins to the local amusement park (Funtown) with Beth's parents, sister and her husband. They were there for 4.5 hours. Elle rode every ride she was tall enough for. Twice. Maybe three times on a couple.

So she is doing very well. But you have to have the white cells at a certain level, so it's a waiting game. Which is frustrating b/c she has a scan scheduled for next week. And if everything looks good then surgery may be the next step. We just want to get the tumor out.

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Michelle said...

Love you Elle!!!