Thursday, July 30, 2009

Elle The Transformer

Today Elle had a couple of tests; a hearing test and an ECG. These are done because some of her chemo drugs can affect her hearing and her heart if they are not promptly flushed out of her system.

She passed both easily. She especially enjoyed her ECG; she liked being able to see her heart on a screen. It was colored blue and red, which she though was top notch.

But the best part for Elle was having the wires attached to her chest. She thought it made her look like a Transformer. A Transformer that turns into a princess (her words). And with that, I give you Elle the Transformer.


Kris said...

She is too stinkin cute. Dave...I hate to say this, but it may be time to shave your dome. God help us all.

Nicole Saucier said...

Elle, you are truly a princess!!!!! I hope to see you up dancing around real soon!! Love, Miss Nicole

Suldog said...

I can't even begin to do justice to that photo. What a smile!

Erika P said...

She is just too cute...the smile, the eyes, the stuff she says...

I'm a friend of Beth's from college and I haven't commented here before but I've been following Elle's cancer journey from the start and think of your whole family often.

Erika (Henyey) Parker