Sunday, August 9, 2009

Next Round Starts Tomorrow

First off, my apologies for the long time between updates. The simple truth is that not too much has been happening. I still have to upload all the photos from our Fenway outing. But Elle has been healthy and happy the whole time. Her counts are up across the board.

We had a discussion with her primary doctor last week and her progress is very positive. So now they will start to have internal discussions about when surgery should occur. But for now it's another round of chemo and it starts with the VAC. This is the one she tolerates quite well. So hopefully that will continue.

So positive thoughts for Elle and we should have a requisite hospital photo in the next day or two. For now, here's one from her last stay in the beginning of July.


Suldog said...

Glad to hear fun was had on the Fenway trip!

Anonymous said...

This is truly a picture of HOPE! Look at Elle's shining blue eys and SMILE! Man - she just melts MY heart! Amazing the resilience God graces his children with! For all you endure, I continue to pray that you ALL have strength! Elle -YOU ARE A BLESSING!!!!!!!!!!