Monday, August 24, 2009

All Is Still Well

Elle has been getting her weekly Vincristine treatments this month. Other than that, there hasn't been much to report as far as her cancer goes. There's going to be a meeting with doctors and surgeons from Portland and Boston next week about her case (we thought it was this week) and some decisions will hopefully be made about the next steps for Elle. For now, though, I am almost 100% sure Elle will finish this round of chemo (Doxorubicin and Cisplatin are next...ugh.) before any next step is taken.

So, with very little going on right now, here are a couple of pics. Baseball game pics coming soon!

Here are Elle and Davey with gifts sent by Beth's friend Betsy. Elle has already whacked Davey in the head with that lightsaber. And she loooovees the purse. Thanks, Betsy!

Here is Elle showing us her guitar skills. Beth was playing tunes on her iPod (I won't mention the song, but it's 80s hair rock) and Elle decided to play along. Personally, I think she made the song 800x better.

And here they both are, now playing to the Violent Femmes (much, much better). Of course, "play" is a term used loosely here. But they don't sound all that bad. Sadly, neither of them decided to smash their guitar after their performance. It's showmanship, guys...!

Oh, and to make something clear...Elle still has hair. Not a lot, but its there. And while I WILL shave my head when she goes bald...there's no reason to jump the gun. Trust me, I'm doing this for you as much as it is for me. I have a HUGE melon. Shave it bald and small rocks will start orbiting it...


kris said...

Day, You know I am fearing the "new Pluto" as much as the next life form, but there will most likely always be some little bit of hair there (peach fuzz and the like). I say just do it now, get it over with before it gets super cold up there and an Inuit family mistakes your dome for their igloo.

Suldog said...

From her style with the right hand, I think Elle is a bass player at heart. I welcome her with open arms to the bass player family!

Unknown said...

I just want you to shave it so we can do a separated at birth with you and Kevin Youkilis :p