Sunday, October 4, 2009

Scans And VAC

This week will be a little busy for Elle. She is getting her next round of scans to see how the chemo has been doing. And then Wednesday, right after her PET, she goes into Maine Med for her VAC round of chemo. This is the easier of the two; it goes pretty quickly over the first day and there's only one night in the hospital. Easier is a relative term, though. Sleeping in the hospital is tough and I admire the hell out of Beth for doing it each and every time.

The other big news is Elle has discovered and fallen in love with "The Wizard of Oz." She has had the DVD for four days and has watched it about 9,374 times so far. I think she likes it.


Kristin said...

One of my all time favorites too. A girl after my own heart.

Dave said...

She is in many, many ways. :)