Friday, October 16, 2009

Still No Chemo

Elle's chemo was delayed...again...until next Tuesday. The reason is b/c one element of her white cell count was down again. This time, though, we may know why.

There has been a recent issue with Elle's two lines. The issue is that Miss Elle is sick of her two lines and decided that playing with, twisting and swinging them was the best way to express that displeasure. And so both lines developed breaks. They were small, but needed to be repaired. So they were, but they give her a large dose of antibiotics at the same time. So this happened twice, and the theory is that this may have impacted the development of whatever it is in her white cell count we need to grow. So we are giving her one more week and laying off the Bactrum this weekend. Hopefully that will do it.

Other than that, things have been pretty mellow for the girl. The "big deal" is that she has her Dorothy outfit for Halloween. And yes, as soon as we have the whole ensemble on her, there will be pictures posted.

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Jeff said...

Great kid, super parents! You're all lucky to have eachother.