Monday, November 23, 2009

In And Out

Not that it is ever that easy, but Elle's chemo last week went easier than expected. They decided to do another round of VAC as opposed to the doxo/cisplatin combo. We aren't sure exactly why, but our guess is that it's because she recovers more quickly from the VAC and with surgery on the horizon, the faster Elle is back at a level to do surgery, the better. So rather than spend three days in the hospital, Elle and Beth were there for just the overnight and left the next morning.

Not that there still wasn't a lot for Elle to do. There was a blues player that does music therapy for the kids visiting and Elle was all over that. To the point she was trading riffs with the guy on a harmonica. Which they then gave Elle to keep. Because Elle.

And then two therapy dogs (Golden Retrievers) visited. Elle enjoyed that as well. So she had a lot packed into her 24-hour stay.

But that is it now for the chemo until the surgery occurs.


Suldog said...

So, chemo is done for now? Good news, indeed.

I hope you all have a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

Dave said...

Yup, until post-surgery. Not sure still about how soon that will start up or how long that will go.

Hope you have a great Turkey Day as well!