Monday, November 9, 2009


Elle is doing well. She is getting vincristine pushes for the next couple of weeks as we await word of when her surgery will take place (between now and year's end). She is growing peach fuzz on her head that is coming in pitch black. Of course, with the post-surgery chemo it will fall back out and knowing Elle she'll will her hair to be blond the next time it grows back. And then it will be blond because what Elle wants, Elle gets. Once you accept that, life goes a little easier.

And with that, here are two videos of Elle jumping in a huge pile of leaves. She decimated it about a dozen times and made me re-rake it over and over. The kid is a grade-A leaf jumper.


Suldog said...

There's nothing on this earth much cooler than a kid jumping into a pile of leaves!

jeff said...

I got tired just looking at Elle play in the leaves. I think I'll take a nap. That kid's incredible.