Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Get Well Elle" A Great Success

If you were unable to attend the benefit last night, you missed a good time. Get Well Elle filled Champions in Biddeford last night and at evening's end, we had raised over $3,000 for Elle's expenses. It was just an incredible night and the generosity and kindness from everyone was just amazing.

Thank you to the owner and staff of Champions for allowing us to hold the event there and for being great to everyone all night long. And a huge thanks to Michelle, Emily and Lea for all the hard work they did in arranging the evening. It never would have happened without the all the effort they put into it.

And where was Elle, you may ask? We wanted to bring her in at the start, but her white blood cell count is at its nadir right now. That means big crowds are out for her until the count goes back up. So she spent the night along with Davey and her cousins at their grandparents' house. It was a big ol' sleepover and everyone had a good time.

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