Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So Where Are All The Updates?

You know you've been asking that question. Rest assured, everything has been fine.

Beth and I attended a friend's wedding over the weekend and my parents were gracious enough to watch the kids in our absence. We left on Friday morning and returned last night. And during that whole time, Elle and Davey were...wonderful.

They played a ton and behaved themselves perfectly. Elle took her Zofran and didn't have a single episode of nausea. She didn't need any pain medication. All she did was bounce around all weekend with the energy dial on 11. It couldn't have gone any better.

So right now Elle has a couple of weeks off from chemo to recover from the potency of the doxorubicin and cisplatin. She also has to get some filgrastim shots to boost her white cell count back up. But she is still doing great. As always, no news is good news.

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Suldog said...

Thanks for the update! As always, God bless!