Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Late Update

Sorry for the long period of silence. But there hasn't been too much to report. Elle is no longer getting the fligrastim shots, so her white cell count is back up where it should be. She has a lot of energy and is raising havoc 24/7. I think her energy level is surprising the medical staff at Maine Med; they seem to expect her to be sleeping a lot more. She does sleep deeper at night, but she hardly takes naps. Too much to do, apparently.

One piece of news is that I was wrong about the different chemos going forward. I assumed that since we used a vincristine/irinotecan combo at the start, that would continue to be used. But apparently that was just to kick it off. So this upcoming Monday Elle goes back into the hospital for her next round of VAC (vincristine/actinomycin-D/cyclophosphamide) which gave her an 18-hour technicolor vomit marathon the last time. But, that was in part due to the fact they didn't give her any anti-nausea meds when she got the drugs. So this time they should put her on Zofran before it begins and that should hopefully help her somewhat. The upside is that this round doesn't have the long-term nausea effect of the cisplatin/doxorubicin combo. So once she rides it out at the hospital, that should be it for the nausea.

I hope to have another update in the next couple of days about a very special gift that Elle received. So stayed tuned!

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Beth said...

yes. this time they need to give her the Zofran. I need to bring a poncho and gloves.

"Away from the curtains...away!! Use your bucket!"