Friday, June 5, 2009

Busy Weekend

Just a quick update on Elle's treatment: she goes in Monday for her next round, which will be the VAC. She recovers relatively quickly from the VAC round but has a nasty bout of vomiting while getting it. But now that the medical staff give her the anti-nausea meds before she starts, that may be mitigated somewhat. No word yet on when the surgery will take place.

In happier news, Elle has her dance recital tomorrow afternoon. She'll be on stage at the Merrill Auditorium in Portland with her dance class, hoofing it to "Candyman". It's pretty damn cute and yes, there will be pictures forthcoming. After that, it's the annual post-dance meal at Applebee's (her choice) where she gets a burrito. Yes, I know there are no burritos at Applebee's. We get her a quesadilla and tell her its a burrito. Why? Because she insists that Applebee's has burritos.

Then, after coming home for a quick rest, it is off to the Ride and Rock that I wrote about earlier. It's a combo fund-raiser for the Saco Food Pantry and one other cause, which happens to be Elle this year. The motorcycle ride starts at 12:30 at Jimmy the Greek's in Old Orchard Beach at 12:30. The music kicks off at 5 PM at 172 Flag Pond Road in Saco and runs until 11. If Elle is up to it, that's where we'll be showing up. Hopefully we can get a good shot of Ellie on a bike. And thank you again to Michael and Christine Paul for making Elle the recipient of this great event. Make sure to show up if you can; Mike and Christine put a TON of work into this every year and it's all for a good cause.

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sarah march said...

What a busy weekend for all of you! I love the "burrito" story. That's cute!