Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Picture Time

Just a couple of photos from the past couple of weeks...

This is Elle in the playroom at MMC with Beth when she was in for her VAC two weeks ago. That cupcake looks...delicious?

Here is Elle doing her best imitation of "The Thinker", complete with knitted cap. She looks wise beyond her years...or she may be hatching a nefarious plot. We still aren't sure which one it was.

These two pictures were taken after Elle got back from MMC. She is modeling the last fashion trend; wearing a Ramones t-shirt over a nightgown before going to bed. I think she pulls it off with ease.

This photo was actually taken before the other two but I save it for last for two reasons. First, to show off the nice hat Beth's friend Buffy and her family sent Elle (anything with Tinkerbell is a winner). Second...notice how the room behind her has been utterly destroyed? That is all courtesy of Cyclone Elle, who ripped through the playroom with a furious vengeance.


Sarah said...

Cute pics! I honestly thought that the nightie under the Ramones tshirt was a skirt.....LOL..She looks adorable!

Jim said...

Ramones! One of my all-time favorite bands. Saw them live three or four times, back in the day. Any kid who wears a Ramones T should be expected to rip up a playroom :-)