Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Elle has it in spades. And it has been making a re-appearance over the past two days.

She has ordered around the nurses (with "please"s and "thank you"s, but they're still orders) and has demanded to be rubbed down with cream on her legs because...well, she's Elle and that's what she wants.

She has also charmed the pants off of everyone who has met her. One of the doctors let Elle play with her wedding ring while she rubbed Elle's back. The X-Ray lab let Elle bring a DVD upstairs because she like it so much. Remember that grouchy banker from It's a Wonderful Life, Mr. Potter? Elle could get a loan from him at 0% interest.

All this is great news because it gets her that much closer to coming home. She is also taking short walks, which is impressive anyway and doubly so when you realize she has a drain tube in her chest. How many of us would want to walk with a tube in us? I'd be moping in bed. She is eating more food (including a McD treat last night) which is a big step as well. And last night she slept without the oxygen thing that goes in your nose for the first time and her O2 levels were great, which means that right lung is getting back to normal.

So it has been a good 24 hours. We find out about her bone scan later today and lay out the course of treatment, which will start as soon as tomorrow.

Many of you have inquired as well about whether we would be taking Elle to Boston. Right now both Beth and I are thrilled with the doctors we have here in Portland. They belong to a regional pediatric oncological group, which means they are regularly discussing issues and treatments with doctors from Dana-Farber/Children's Hospital and Mass General in Boston. Our doctors here have also assured us that if they think at any time Elle would be better served in Boston, then we're going to Boston. That said, I have contacted Children's in Boston through a referral from a family friend. They will be getting Elle's information to review and we'll have an appointment down there in the next month or two for a second opinion. It should reassure all of you to know that they are very familiar with Elle's doctor in Portland and speak very highly of him. Trust me when I tell you this; Elle is in great hands right now.


Suldog said...

Dana-Farber is aces, as you know, so them having consults with that group guarantees you the best. Thanks for the link here. I'll be following along as the story unfolds. God bless.

Unknown said...

Dave, Elle could not be in better hands - both with the doctors and with her parents.