Saturday, March 14, 2009


Another day of chemo, another day of Elle coming through it with flying colors.

She felt well enough today to take another walk to the playroom on the floor and draw some pictures with markers. She also regaled Beth and me with a story of what she is going to do once she gets out of here.

In short, she and her Uncle Eirik (my cousin) are going to tour America and Mexico in her band. She is going to play guitar and Eirik will play harmonica. And there will be a lot of pizza and soda. And she'll buy me some beer and Beth some coffee. So I am on board with this plan. I cannot vouch for Eirik's musical skills, however.

This Elle, the chatty storyteller, is the one we have missed for most of the past 10 days. And it is great to see it coming to the fore again.

She is laying in bed right now, watching her Tinkerbell DVD and drinking a cup of milk. She is so peaceful and content that it is almost impossible to believe there is a tumor in her chest.

But man, did Cancer ever pick on the wrong girl. She is doing this well right now. Imagine how much ass she'll kick when she gets pissed.


Unknown said...

Elle, I am a freand of your uncle Eirik. I am looking forward to following the band around America and Mexico while on tour. I am sure it will be very funny to see and hear your uncle playing a harmonica...please don't be offended if I wear earplugs. Perhaps you could write a letter to Sony (makers of the Play station) or Micro Soft (makers of the X-box) asking that they include the harmonica in the next Guitar Rock Hero video game....because that's the only thing that might improve your uncles harmonica =) I want to tell you that a bunch of us here in Santa Barbara are very very proud that you for fighting back with no signs of retreat. I know it is a very hard battle (my mother just finished chemo), but you must never give up. I am a police officer and back in the academy they always taught us that no matter how big or bad or scary something might be, always fight and NEVER ever give up. I will be checking in on your website to get updates on your speedy recover. No way something like this can keep someone so spited and motivated as yourself.

Your in my prayers!!

Patrick Adams

Steve said...

Elle, that picture is priceless!
All of us here in Santa Barbara have you in our thoughts and prayers.
Keep fighting!

Unknown said...

Hey Elle,

The tour sounds AMAZING - put me down for two tickets!

Lots of love,
Jessica (from SB)

Unknown said...

Hello Elle,

I am the difficult one of your Uncle's friends who has to be from someplace other than SB, but I want you to know that there are those in Santa Ynez Valley that wish you all the best and will be a groupy for your band!!!

Loads of love,

Unknown said...

Hello Elle,

Don't you ever give up baby girl, because you will beat this stupid cancer. I can't wait to hear your band play!


Anonymous said...

Hi Elle, I'm another friend of your uncle Eirik's in Santa Barbara. I just want to let you know that you now have more friends sending their love and supporting you in your latest challenge then you can possibly imagine!! I say lates challenge because there are alot of challenges you will face growing up and after you beat this one there will be others but they will seem easy after this. Keep smiling and laugh your way through this and You'll come out just fine! We'll see you on tour.
-Mike and Ophelia Sebastian

Unknown said...

I am yet another friend of your Uncle Eirik's in Santa Barbara. I just want to let you know that your Uncle is an inspiration to all of us here in Santa Barbara and to whom ever he interacts with. Now I know where he gets that inspiration... it's from you. No worries, your secrete is safe with me! Well, I guess not because I just announced it to the rest of the world :o) My thoughts and prayers are with you... just keep your chin up and keep inspiring all of us! Talk to you soon.


Unknown said...

Hi Elle -

I am one of your Uncle Eirik's friends here in Santa Barbara and i just read that you are starting a band and going to tour America and Mexico which is so cool! I work with a music company here in Santa Barbara and we are always looking for new talent!We would love to hear your band play!

We are all very inspired by you Elle and we look forward to seeing you and the band come to Santa Barbara and play!

Much love,

Warner & Friends

_ said...

Hi Elle,

I work on "The Fairly OddParents" with your Uncle Eirik. He's a really nice guy and everything, but if he leaves to go on tour with you, I will be stuck with a whole lot of extra work to do! So please let him stay here. Besides, he'd be a lousy dancer in your music videos, too. :)

Stay strong, sweetie-- and get well VERY soon!!

Unknown said...

Hi sweetie! I am a friend of your Uncle Eirik’s. You are such an amazing and brave little girl. This experience will make you so strong as you grow older and nobody can take that away from you. I can’t wait to be your biggest fan as you and your Uncle Eirik go on tour together. Live the life you have imagined!

With much love and admiration,


Unknown said...

Hey You,
Just checking in. Hope all is well! Keep kick butt kiddo.