Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's All Relative

The big deal today was my sister Kristin and her daughter Maya came to visit.

Elle adores Maya. And the feeling is mutual. So for Elle to see her and play with her just made her day. And Davey and Maya get along great as well. So when Elle was resting on the couch, Davey and Maya were chasing each other all over the house.

It capped off a great day for Elle. Her temperature stayed low, so no return trip to the doctor. Her appetite was large, so mass quantities of pizza and crackers were consumed along with steins of milk and Gatorade. We painted and colored and wore yet another groove into her collection of Barbie DVDs. Then Beth's parents mixed it up with a new DVD: Peter Pan. Not the animated Disney classic but the 2003 live verison. Which, by the way, is fantastic. Elle's on her third viewing already.

Another piece of good news is that Elle's fluid drainage out of her chest tube has diminished significantly. So (fingers crossed) her chest tube may, may, be coming out soon. That would be great because she's about three days from wrapping that thing around someone's neck. No, she doesn't like it.

Tomorrow is Elle's entire chemo treatment for the week; a single Vincristine push into her central line. So we're hoping this week won't be too difficult for her.

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