Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nurse Elle

Today was a really good day for the wee one.

She ate a hearty breakfast and lunch. She colored and played. She helped the visiting nurse with her lines. And then she scored the motherlode; a small treasure sack from the visiting nurse with extra medical supplies like gauze and tape and gloves.

Nurse Elle has since taken to making her baby feel better. She has gauze held in place by patches on her boo-boos. She has been cleansed with many alcohol wipes. And medical tape covers her head. I'm not exactly sure why that is, but Elle seems to think it is helping her doll. She is in bed, right now, continuing to administer her special brand of care to her doll.

Tomorrow at 11 Elle sees her doctor about her chest tube. Fingers crossed but her fluid production is so low now I think the chances are good it can come out.


Anonymous said...

AWW Soo Cute. Fun to watch the Dr. thing with her making her baby feel better. XXOO Our fingers are crossed for the chest tube too! Love, Auntie Cathy and Uncle PAul

Kristin said...

It's good the see the future nurses of America getting a strong start. Don't doubt the reasons for the gauze on baby's head...I'm sure it's to make sure it's still screwed on straight.