Monday, March 30, 2009


Elle's is starting to fall out.

It isn't obvious if you have never met her before. But if you know Elle, then you can tell she is losing her hair. It's only going to accelerate as she starts the next phase of her chemo next week, a triple drug dose called VAC (Vincristine, Actinomycin-D and Cyclophosphamide). That one also marks her first visit back to the hospital. While the VAC is a push through her line that doesn't take too long, the toxicity of the dosage means she needs a lot of fluids to flush it through her system. It's only an overnight, but it's a tough one.

Today was tough as well, just for her Vincristine push. She was a little more tired than before. She is still pretty happy and her appetite was excellent today. But the truth is that, as I wrote before, we are giving her toxic chemicals to destroy something that is even more toxic in her body. That will wear down anyone. What we have going for us is that she's a tough four-year old who fights every step of the way. You couldn't ask for a better profile than that.

Beth took some pictures today and I will try to get a couple up on here soon.


Marcia Ferguson said...

We haven't met, but I know Beth's parents and from them know that Beth is also a Smithie. Elle's tough determination in fighting cancer will serve her well when she attends Smith!

My friends and I joke that the Smith network can spread news faster than any wire service so we are spreading good thoughts for Elle around the world.

We wish her well!

Marcia McLaughlin Ferguson, Smith '95

Suldog said...

As always, God bless. Another prayer just said.