Monday, March 9, 2009

A Bit Of Good News

We got the word yesterday that Elle's bone-marrow tests came back negative. After a week of unremitting bad news, it was a welcome change of pace.

Elle has also had one of her two chest tubes removed from her side. These tubes are draining the fluid that had built up in her chest from the cancer as well as from the initial surgery to place the tubes in. And the epidural catheter, placed in originally to help manage the pain of two tubes in her side, came out this morning.

She is eating more now (scrambled eggs this morning with some Cheerios) and yesterday she took a walk down the hall.

Taken all together, she is getting closer to being able to come home. And then we can start the real work.


Anonymous said...

We're here for you Elle!! Jenna misses you and I hope you like your princess book, I expect to see you in full princess regalia very soon, you can teach me how to do the princess walk and how to find a new prince!!!! oops, don't tell that to uncle Scott : ) love you

Anonymous said...

Jack says, Get better soon, Elle, so that we can go play!

Jeremy Kohler said...

You go, girl!

Kevin Smith said...

Great news about the bone marrow.