Friday, March 27, 2009

No More Chest Tube

Another piece of good news today. Elle went in to see her doctor and her chest tube came out! The fluid was down enough that they feel any more that gets produced she'll be able to absorb and expel on her own. We just have to keep an eye on her suture for a couple of days to make sure it heals properly. And there will be some follow-up scans to make sure the fluid isn't pooling up again. But that isn't expected to happen.

The various fish restaurants are opening again up here for the weekend. And so we got some seafood for dinner. Elle asked for fish and chips, which surprised all of us. But I'll be damned if she didn't tuck into those pieces of haddock. She scarfed them down and demolished a decent amount of the fries as well. Now she's in bed and once again covering her doll in tape and 20 pieces of gauze.

Nothing else is really happening until Monday when it's time for Elle's next dose of Vincristine. So it should be a relaxing weekend for once. You have to grab the quiet moments when you can.


Kevin Smith said...

Quiet moments? You have children.

Seriously, that's awesome. Happy to hear the tube came out and her appetite is up.

Have a good weekend and enjoy UConn's run.

Anonymous said...

Hurray Elle! That is fantastic news. Now you all can just sit back and enjoy what will hopefully be our third trip to the Final Four this weekend (and maybe a few Barbie DVDs for good measure).

Kathryn said...

Great news! Yay Elle!

John Roy said...


Love to you all,

Joan and John

Cathy and Paul said...

That's soo good. Elle must feel better with that out now. Rest up.. Try to get some sleep... :0) Love to you all. Paul and Cathy and the kids

Jen said...

By any chance were you at Ken's Place? Fridays are crazy nights, but I'm usually behind the bar... next time be sure to say hi and I will make everyone a special drink! :)