Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tiny Dancer

One thing Elle loved to do prior to her diagnosis was dance. She goes to classes at a local dance studio and takes it all quite seriously.

Today she decided she wanted to go back. And so there she was, in leotard and tights with a chest tube securely pinned to her clothing. And she danced too, even after her teacher begged her to sit down and take a rest. I think she missed it.

The best part though, relayed to me by Beth, was what happened outside of class.

There is a vending machine that stands outside of the dance studio in the hallway. Elle was looking at it and Beth asked her if she wanted something out of it after class. Elle studied the machine and decided on a bag of Cheez-its. Beth agreed to get it after the class.

"No," Elle said, "you have to get it now. There is only one left."

Beth looked across the hall and told her there were plenty.

"There is one," Elle said, "and if you don't get it, someone will steal my Cheez-its." With that she turned and went into class.

Beth looked over at the machine again and then slowly walked over, just to make sure there were, in fact, plenty of Cheez-its.

There was one bag left.

Beth bought the bag and put it in her purse. After class, when the children came out, Elle proceeded not over to Beth but to the vending machine. She looked at the empty slot where the Cheez-its once stood. Then she turned and fixed Beth with a most murderous glare. She raised her arm and pointed at Beth.

"I told you to buy the Cheez-its! SOMEONE STOLE MY CHEEZ-ITS!"

At this point, Beth took the bag out of her purse to show it to Elle.

"Oh," was all Elle said. She then walked over, took the bag, thanked her mom and they went to the car.

Kid has attitude and fire to spare.

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The Mommarazzi said...

Super Mommy to the rescue! It was quite precious to witness.