Monday, March 16, 2009


Each day Elle seems to get a little better.

Today we went to see some K-9 units who came to visit the children today. These dogs are remarkably friendly and well-behaved with the kids. Elle got to pat them all and watch them, which made her so happy she...fell asleep.

Once she woke up, though, she was chatty all day long. And her grandparents (my parents) came to visit again, which she loved. Also, we have watched this Barbie and the Diamond Castle about 1000 times now. The best thing I can say about the DVD is that Elle likes it.

Today was the last day of her first cycle of Irinotecan. It's also known amongst the nurses as "I run to the can" for its rather...explosive properties. And last night Beth got to find out why, to the tune of four diaper changes in four hours. Today was a little better though, with only a couple of episodes. They have her on a medication to counteract that effect. Hopefully that won't get too bad in the days ahead.

But she is as good as she has been in a while now. Right now she is regaling me with a story about how she was the princess in the Barbie DVD. It is long and rambling and more than a little silly. And it couldn't be better.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to provide us with updates!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps in some small way recapping all that has happened throughout the passing days, allows time for reflection on not only the struggles but all that is good. In reading it, it provides great balance as well as a way to process information. My prayer is that you ALL have the strength to endure. Elle is certainly a strong willed child and right now, that's a VERY GOOD THING ;-)!!!!