Sunday, March 29, 2009

Guts and Glory!

That is what Elle has been yelling around the house today. Followed up by "Never give up!"

I have no idea where she heard this. It may have been from her copy of Peter Pan (the live action film from 2003) or maybe she cobbled it together from random bits of dialogue from various films and shows. Whatever the case, I think she has found her motto.

She also socked me in the eye (if you can call it that from a four-year old) this morning after I said she had to change into pants and a shirt if she wanted to wear a costume. Later she apologized thusly:

"Daddy, I'm sorry I punched you in the eye. You should have blocked it."

She makes it hard to be stern sometimes.

She had a great appetite today as well. Waffles for breakfast and ham for lunch. Now it's a good night's sleep before our Vincristine tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

"Never Give Up" has a very close tie to fighting cancer. It's the V Foundation's motto taken from a speech give from former NC State men's basketball coach Jim Valvano. It's good motto to have.

Kevin Smith said...

Galaxy Quest fan maybe?

Jeff said...

"Never give up"...we could all use a little of that medicine. Remarkable kid, fantastic parents...what a support structure! I see good things happening.

Kathryn said...

Really David, you should have blocked that punch...
Love the new motto. We should make t-shirts!

kristin said...

David, Have I taught you nothing. Still not blocking those punches. I would keep all brass candlesticks out of her know what I mean.