Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Elle does not like her shots of Filgrastim. Doesn't like the numbing cream. Definitely doesn't like the needle.

It's the latest addition to Elle's chemo regimen. As I was saying before, the VAC (thanks to the cyclophosphamide) knocks her white blood cell count down. The Filgrastim boosts production and gets them back up. Of course, explaining the importance of this to a four-year old is somewhat difficult. Thankfully, the visiting nurses are doing it the next few days. But sooner or later, Beth and I have to do it.

Elle was really tired today and her bones hurt (another side effect). But her grandparents brought over a little Mint Chocolate Chip from Martel's, which really made her day. And since I worked from home today, she and I were able to do some painting together.

It's not going to be easy for Elle, but she is trying her hardest. Sometimes it overwhelms her. But she always comes back.

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Anonymous said...

Day - I know the hard days come with the good days. You are all doing great in the face of an uphill battle. Keep you eye on the prize. If you want some pointers on giving shots to kids, give me a call.
Love you , Kris