Sunday, April 26, 2009

Elle Dances!

It was a good weekend for Elle. My parents came up to visit and Elle made sure to get all she could out of Grandma and Grandpa. Much attention was spent and love was given. There was also some Martel's ice cream and a trip to the Clambake involved.

But the highlight was later today when Elle tried on her dance recital outfit and danced to some records (yes, real vinyl!) This video clip is her last dance to The Beatles. It's in Quicktime so if you don't have it and can't view this, trust me when I tell you it is cute beyond measure.


Sarah March said...

Dave & Beth,
That video is just too precious! Happy to see that Elle seems to be doing pretty well despite all the crap she's had to go through over the past weeks. Too too cute!

Kathryn said...

I love videos of my favorite astronaut-doctor-ballerina-goddaughter extraordinaire ! Keep the camera rolling & the Beatles playing!

Jeff said...

I watched that video several times. Elle rocks!

Julia said...

A girl in a purple tutu can do any thing. Well at least get you out of having to eat your spinach.