Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Elle took her first out-of-the-house trip today since she came home. Just a quick jaunt over to her grandparents' house, but she had a good time and did well. She painted and snacked on Cheetos. She was also given a mountain of presents.

Her hair loss has accelerated (the vincristine's hair-loss side-effect is really kicking in now). When her grandmother noticed, Elle told her "I am going bald. But Daddy will be bald to so I won't be lonely."

I'm guessing that no later than the end of April, both Elle and I will be rocking the chrome dome look. And I will be sure to post photos. She will still be the cutest thing on two legs. Me...I can't make any promises.


Anonymous said...


Hair loss...I know a lot about that. Elle really looks good! Her mother looks pretty good too. Love to all of you. Hang in there. I love all of you.

Jeff said...

"Hair loss" comment was from a relative on the west coast who gets easily confused when dealing with blogs, taxes and Norwegian women...and not necessarily in that order.

Kevin Smith said...

Welcome to the world of the folicly-challenged, as a sherpa of the receding hairline for quite sometime, might I suggest investment in copious amounts of sunscreen with a high SPF. Personally, given my Irish-bred complexion, I use SPF Vampire.

Dave said...'re confused by everything. Just like your brother. (kidding dad!)

Dave said...

Kevin, I think I'm going to need Vampire +1. I have the pastiest of Irish skin. I go from white to red in five minutes.

Eirik Paye said...

My Dad said he was going to shave his head. So far he's all talk.

Dave said...

What's left to shave?

Anonymous said...

Just remember that being confused "runs" in the family. You are next in line!