Friday, April 10, 2009

Great Day!

Sorry I didn't update last night. The whole family was out and when we came back we all pretty much crashed and fell asleep.

But it was a good tired, because we had a great day yesterday. I'd say it was one of Elle's top five days since this began more than a month ago. She was chatty and alert. She was telling jokes (100 variations on a knock-knock joke that involves bananas). She was eating well. The only downtime was when she needed to get her filgrastim shot.

But even that wasn't so bad, because Beth gave it to her. And however she did it, it worked like a charm and didn't hurt Elle nearly as much as the one from the day before. So Beth is now the official Giver of Shots (by Elle's request). I have the lesser title of "Guy Elle Looks At When Shot Is Given."

Then, in the afternoon, we all went to the Maine Children's Cancer Center. Not for medicine or tests, but for puppets! They have a program there for children with cancer and their families. The activity last night was pretty cool; a woman came in with two puppets who interacted with the children and talked about having cancer and being the sibiling/friend of a child with cancer. Afterwards, the kids got to make their own sock puppets. Elle's has three eyes and Davey's has a fu-manchu mustache. Interesting thing about making sock puppets...they use hot glue guns to secure everything on the sock. One parent puts their hand in the sock, the kids tell them where to place the various objects, and the other parent uses the gun.

Hot glue isn't stopped by sock fibers when you press down on the objects to secure them. Which I found out when I stupidly pressed down on a feather. Beth, to her credit, immediately grabbed the feather off the sock as I yelped in my self-inflicted pain...and then burned her finger in the process. Elle looked over at the two of us yelping with a look that was equal parts pity and disgust. Davey just laughed.

After all that, we went to a local pizza parlor called Pat's Pizza and had some mighty fine pizza. This was especially great for Beth because she has a wheat/gluten allergy and Pat's has gluten-free pizza AND beer. I think this was the first pizza she has eaten in six months. The kids enjoyed a cheese pizza and fries while Beth and I tucked into some gluten-free pizza with just about every meat known to mankind on the top. It was delicious. By the time we got home it was just after eight and Elle was asleep.

It was a really great day.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Y'all,

What a great day and what a great read!!


Joan and John