Thursday, April 23, 2009

We Got Hats!

Today's hat photos are courtesy of the wonderful people at the Surgery Center Of Fairfield County in Connecticut. We received from them a box full of hats for Elle. All of which she tried on and modeled for us. If I had taken a photo of all of them, this page would run on for five minutes straight. So thank you very much to our Facebook friends, and here are a couple of photos for your enjoyment.

This is for the beach. She wears the sunglasses everywhere, inside or out, rain or shine.

Every girl loves Hannah Montana...

This is more for those times in the garden. Elle is already planning the many flowers she will plant (and pick) as planting season approaches.


Jeff said...

Love the top picture(with the sun glasses). Maybe we should call her "Elle John."

Dave said...

Ooohhh...bad pun alert! :)