Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Back Home

Elle is home sleeping again after her first VAC round yesterday.

It was rough, both for Elle and Beth. We found out that Elle suffers from nausea when taking the VAC. As in brutal, constant nausea for about 12-18 hours. So there was very little sleeping for both of them.

And then came the CAT scan. It was supposed to take place at 9 AM. Instead it happened at 3 PM. Add to that the fact that she wasn't allowed to eat or drink until the scan happened, and she basically ate nothing for close to 24 hours. It was horribly unfair to Elle. Beth and I both let people know we were not pleased.

But Elle handled it all like a pro. And now she is enjoying a well-earned rest in her bed.

The next interesting thing we get to do is give her growth factor (GF) shots. The VAC will drop her white blood cell count. We give her the GF shots to bring the count back up. I can't imagine Elle will be happy about this. But I would bet that, like with everything else, she'll suck it up and power through.

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