Thursday, April 2, 2009

Elle's Big Day

Not big as in "went to the moon and conquered the Moon People" (thought that would be pretty cool). Big as in "went to her grandparents' house and played with her cousins and brother outside for three hours."

She really packed it in. Swinging, running around, blowing bubbles...Elle did it all. Of course, at the end of it she was really tired. But that is going to happen no matter what; she'll always be tired by day's end. The measuring stick is how she does during the day. By that standard today was a home run.

When we got home, a special package from her Uncle Eirik was waiting. I'll post some pics later of her presents, but she loved them all. And Davey was thrilled with the stuff Eirik sent for him as well. Way to go, Viking Man! She also got a special hat from Grandma and Grandpa Paye, which she adores and put on right away. Pics are coming of that as well.

Now she's settling into bed with our latest DVD - Barbie Thumbelina. I'm glad she loves them so much, but they're turning my brain to goo little by little.

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Suldog said...

That sounds lovely. So nice to read that she had a nice day of playing.

And I just now noticed the photo on the sidebar (I'm slow, I guess.) Fantastic!