Sunday, April 12, 2009


The big fun Friday night was Elle and Davey staying overnight at their grandparent's house down the road. They both had a great time. Elle and her grandmother (aka Nana) stayed upstairs on the bed while Davey and his grandfather (aka Bing) slept downstairs in the television room and had some kind of pillow fight.

This was great for Elle because it's the first time she has spent a night away from the house that didn't involve going to the hospital. And it went off without a hitch.

Yesterday was another good day. Lots of chattiness and laughter. She's had a few good days in a row. Hopefully that will continue after her vincristine dose tomorrow. Of all the meds, this is the one she tolerates the best.

But that is balanced out by the fact that her bones ache and she gets tired quite easily. Even on the good days, she has to rest a lot and she needs the medicine so the aches fade. That's the baseline, in a lot of ways. So when that (if you can use such a qualifier) is all there is, that's a great day for her.

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Anonymous said...

That Nana and Bing sure know how to have a good time!